How did online HTML5 Games become the best?

Ever paused from that game in your hands to look back and reflect on how far we have come from the sluggish days of browser plugins?

We definitely have come a long way from the old days of the web and now, we have a new standard for the web which dictates the kind of games and media that can be created using modern standards. Html5 is a technology that uses the browser to perform different tasks such as showing images, playing sounds and even showing notifications inside the same page.

The technology is quite speedy in terms of responsiveness and this makes the gaming experience quite rewarding. It is also capable of handling browser-based graphics at reasonable fidelity and without any lags in performance. The speed at which content gets downloaded to the browser and the fact that the inbuilt cache is capable of handling all the other additional tidbits means that you can get to play your game as soon as it is loaded into the browser.

Free Online HTML5 games lolygames do not require any additional software component apart from the browser via which the online game is being accessed. They also do not take up much bandwidth thus resulting into an economy of data where only the necessary bytes required to get you through a level are pushed down to your device. With powerful animations now capable through javascript and css3, you are able to see blissful animations and transitions which enhance the gaming experience thus enabling you to enjoy the games even better.
How did online HTML5 Games become the best?
When put in a timeline of gaming technologies for the web, html5 is the farthest, and most efficient that we have come so far in terms of fidelity, gaming smoothness and browser-based storage which results into a great overall experience. Loly Games happens to have a wide selection of html5 games via your browser by simply pointing it to