Bulgarian hunting organizations work

Bulgarian hunting organizations work in cooperation with state and private lodges and assist individuals and groups from the moment of arrival to departure. They offer information about Bulgaria, small and big game, hunting types and places, and so on.

Different organizations offer a selection of services, including sport shooting, trophy hunting, individual hunting, and stalking. Stalking is one type that is used for game such as fallow and red deer. Hunters slowly move into shooting range to kill game. With trophy hunting, parts of the animal such as the antlers, horns, or head are kept as a trophy. Target animals include brown bear, capercailzie, fallow deer, mouflon, chamois, roebuck, wild boar, and red deer.

Bulgarian hunting organizations operate across the country, in grounds in the Balkan Mountains and near towns and villages such as Etropole, Studena, Pravets, Nesebar, and Voden. The hunting grounds in Nesebar are located in close proximity to the Burgas Airport and feature big game such as wild boar, roe deer, fallow deer, and others. The grounds in Pravets are situated some 70 km away from Sofia and offer a variety of hunting opportunities, including wild boar, mouflon, fallow and red deer, and roe deer.

The grounds in Studena are also located at a short driving distance to Sofia (25 km). In addition to hunting for game such as wild duck and brown bear, guests are offered fishing and horseback riding. Bulgarian hunting organizations also offer guests the chance to visit and stay in grounds such as Etropole and Voden. Voden is a state-managed ground that is conveniently located 30 km away from the town of Razgrad.

Featured game includes European bison, wild boar, roe deer, mouflon, and fallow and red deer. Etropole is also a great hunting destination at a driving distance to Sofia, covering an area of some 20,000 hectares. This ground is the ideal choice for groups and individuals who wish to participate in photo safaris, stand hunting and hunting with dogs. There is a wide variety of animals, including wild boar, ibex, mouflon, chamois, and others.

Bulgarian hunting organizations offer services such as booking, transportation, and touring to both groups and individuals. Guests are also offered concierge service, from making purchases and picking up laundry to car rentals, tour reservations, and more. Guests enjoy superb traditional Bulgarian food and quality services that make them feel at home while in Bulgaria.